Pop Shop Houston

So recently I just found out that Houston has pop shop events throughout the year, and today I went to my first one. I advise everyone who lives in Houston to go to at least one, there's a variety of pieces to chose from and the shop owners put so much work into their art. And did I mention its free admission? There were so many independent artists and such beautiful pieces. Not only were there goods but also food trucks, live music, and a henna station. I'm so proud of myself for remembering to bring my camera to take pictures! I'd also like to say that I have the most supportive friends, lately I've been going on adventures with my friend Trish whom joined me today. She was sweet enough to take my pictures and come along to try new things with me. I wish I could've bought a lot more of the handmade goods but I was able to snag a cute shirt from one of my favorite bloggers/shop owners at Sun Child. I'll be posting a picture this week in my cute tee.  Overall great day and I can't wait to go to more of these shops. 

Bye deerlings <3   


Crop Top/Pinafore-Urban Outfitters

Scarf- Cotton On



All About Hair

About three weeks ago I did an interview on the Black Girl With Long Hair website and got such a great feedback that I wanted to share it here on my blog. I was surprised and grateful to be asked to talk about my hair and be considered a fashion icon as well a natural hair inspiration. I get tons of questions about my hair and am constantly asked how I style it. I'm flattered that my hair has a positive response with others so I was more than happy to explain how I maintain my fro. For those who don't know what natural hair is, it's unprocessed hair meaning that it isn't altered with chemicals( i.e. relaxers, perms, texturizers) so it's pretty much the texture of your hair when it's not being changed by heat stylers or chemicals. The definition of being natural can mean various things some believe that coloring or straightening your hair doesn't make you natural but I consider chemical treatments to be the only thing that wouldn't make your hair natural. I'm not someone who pushes or thinks everyone needs to be natural, I think that you should do whatever you want to your hair. I mean, it is yours so how you choose to style it is up to you. I do love seeing other women and young girls embracing their natural hair and seeing all the different types of curl patterns. Deciding to stop relaxing and straighten my hair has made me more appreciate of natural beauty overall. I will definitely do more post specifically about my hair and try some fun styles for those naturals who read my blog!

Bye guys <3


Go Against the Grain



I consider my blog to be lifestyle and fashion so I'm slowly going to start posting more about my life and my hobbies. One being photography, nothing fancy just a little fun side project I do with my film cameras. I bought a Holga two years ago and have had the same roll of film since. I tend to forget to bring it with me when I travel or do anything exciting but somehow I ended up finally finishing the roll.  I got about twenty four good pictures out of the whole 36 images. When I first started using the camera I wasn't aware it didn't have a flash so I lost out on those pictures but still managed to get these gems. These are just a few of my favorites I wanted to share with you deers(never getting tired of my puns). I suggest looking up some videos and researching if you do buy a Holga or any film camera! The film I bought was made specifically for Holga's which is a bummer because no local store such as Walgreens or Walmart can develop it. It is the general 35mm film but it doesn't say c-41 on the roll of film so I had to take it to a photo lab and get it developed there. I live in Houston so the closest one I could find was Aker Image, the ladies there were very helpful and did an amazing job with keeping the quality of my pictures. They put them on a cd so I could print them out later. I'm currently playing around with my Lomography fish eye camera so once I finish a roll I'll be sure to post a few pictures. Bye deerlings! <3