New Year, Same Girl

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Happy New Year everyone! This year has definitely been filled a lot of excitement, stress, and every other emotion one can experience. The beginning of a year brings in new opportunities and everyone seems to jump to wanting to change themselves. I'm all for self improvement so I think it's wonderful to set goals that will positively affect your life no matter when you decide to take the initiative. I don't really set any resolutions or goals just for the New Year, I'm constantly trying to better myself whether that be with my health or career so those kinda just roll with me through out the years.
One main thing I've been trying to improve on is being consistent with my blogging and making what I love to do(style and shoot) as important as work and the other things that seem to take over my life. There's so many different projects that I wan't to finish and start on but finding the time to do it all seems impossible(and I know that's not a good excuse really) but I know you guys feel me!
This week feels like a great start to the New Year, I've been productive on my days off and was even able to shoot a little look for you guys! It's a clean basic look that I wore to go shopping at Ikea with my friend. I've decided to put effort into my looks on my days off even if its just to run errands, and let me tell you its made a difference. Especially if you're like me and don't wear makeup on a daily base or have a dress code at work where you pretty much can only wear jeans and a t shirt.
Sending good vibes and cheers to another year I get to share a little piece of my life with y'all! Bye <3

Coat: XXI
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Vagabound(Urban Outfitters)