I'm a 21 year old personal style blogger living in Houston, Tx. I created this blog hoping to share my ideas and hopefully inspire some of you guys. My style changes so much that I can't really say that I have a certain look but that's the fun thing about fashion. I get inspiration from everywhere and everyone being the people that I work with or see on other blogs. The best thing about styling or even getting dressed is how it makes you feel. Seriously, when you feel comfortable enough to express who you are as a person you become confident and then you begin to dress how you really want to. So with that I hope if anything I give you guys a little boost so that you can shine. (supper sappy I know) Can't wait to get to know all of you deerlings! <3 


  1. Cool blog. I enjoyed reading and looking through your posts and pictures.
    I followed you on bloglovin so I will check back soon. :)


    1. I'm in awe that you even read my blog! I love your instagram and blog, I'll be fangirling for awhile. Thanks so much for reading!