Mini Haul

Hey guys! It's been a little over a month since I last posted(crazy right!?). I know it's been awhile, but man time flew. I've been swamped with finishing up the semester at school and of course it's been out of control at work. I was lucky enough to have the past two days off, but in my defense I did work the day before Thanksgiving and on the actual day so I'd like to think I've earned it.

With all that going on I was still able to film a little mini haul video with clothes that I got from my LA trip, and now I have some fun stuff I got this weekend from the black friday sales. So I may be filming another video soon, and I'm definitely going to get a outfit post up here next week. 

I also just wanted to thank you all for reading(even if I'm not a consistent blogger) and still supporting me. I have so many new projects that I want to start and finding time to do it all has proven to be hard, but I'm determined to get some stuff done over Christmas break so stay tuned! Hope you guys had a great holiday and ate lots of yummy food! Byeeee <3 


Los Angeles, I'm Yours

IMG_0764 IMG_0727

Hello guys! I've come back to the real world(not an easy transition) but I've missed blogging and getting dressed up for something other than school. As you all know I was in California two weeks ago and have been MIA for awhile. The trip was much needed and I absolutely loved LA. I did a lot of touristy sight seeing and even shopped at the American Apparel Factory Store which I've been dying to go to. The only set back was missing my flight back home and having to stay at the airport for the last flight back to Houston, which of course with my luck was delayed so I didn't get back home until 3am. Surprisingly I did really well on the tests I had the same morning so I guess it didn't really ruin anything.

I got this romper from the factory store and you can't imagine how hard it was for me not to get all of the patterned/colored ones. I have a similar one from Urban Outfitters but the fit on this one is a lot tighter and shorter. I like having some of my rompers a bit oversized and some fitted so this was just what I needed. Since it's black I can wear literally any color shoes and even throw a printed jacket or cardigan over it, perfect for transitioning into fall right?

Though I may have not been updating on my blog this month I was adding new videos to my YouTube account, I even put a short video together from my time in Cali so I'll link it below if you guys wanna check it out! I also did a few interviews and had features on different blogs/natural hair websites so I'll put those below as well. Hope you all are having a good start of the week so far! Byeeee <3

California trip: http://youtu.be/HIndCAMIMbk

Curli Nikki feature: http://www.curlynikki.com/2014/10/on-couch-with-andrea-i-felt-liberated.html

The Queen Life Blog:http://www.queenlifeblog.com/featuredposts/2014/10/23/deer-and-the-wolf-founder-andrea-castillo

Details:Romper: American Apparel

Shoes: Zara

Purse: Vintage(thrifted) 


Last Day of Summer

Hey there beautiful people! I spent this past week getting caught up in class and studying for my first tests this semester but I had something in mind for what I was going to post about. I've decided to mix it up and do ootd videos for my weekly posts, so tell me if you're liking this idea! I really enjoy filming bits of my day and what I'm doing/who I'm hanging out with so this might become a regular thing for my blog.
This outfit was dedicated to the Last Day of Summer which was September 22. It was actually a really pretty day until it started to rain(right when I decided to shoot exactly). I was dressed perfectly for the humid aftermath though. I found these khaki overalls at a local resale shop and almost died, you guys know I live in overalls/playsuits. Of course I kept it simple and opted for my comfy birks and a basic 3/4 sleeve shirt. You may have also noticed how big my hair has gotten, I don't even know what to do with it anymore but I'm thinking of coloring it back dark. Perfect for Fall, right? I'll talk to you guys real soon, kbye <3333


Top: Urban Outfitters
Overalls: Calvin Klein vintage(thrifted)
Sandals: Birkenstocks
Backpack: Urban Outfitters


California Dreamin

IMG_0238 IMG_0242 IMG_0251 IMG_0254 IMG_0261
Hey there guys! I have some exciting news, I'll be visiting LA next month(insert confetti emoji here). I've been thinking about what I'm going to wear because I've never been so I definitely have to come up with some new looks. I'll be there for four days so I wont have to do too much packing, but knowing me I'll bring a good portion of my closet and end up wearing really minimal pieces. This little vacay is keeping me motivated to stay caught up in school and work.These past weeks have been pretty lame e.g. I got my first speeding ticket, got rear ended(just scratched up my car a bit), and have just been feeling unmotivated lately. Aside from my little pity party things started looking up when I won this cute ring from Fresh Tangerine via Instagram which never happens to me, but the universe decided to give me a little break. I chose the Geode shape and it's perfect! It came in the cutest box/little jewelry bag. So a huge thank you to FT for making my week better! I also had enough time to hang out with my fave little blogger and we got lattes and some fun blog pictures. I'm showing her how to make ootd video's which I'm pretty new at too. I got a little bit of our day and outfits, I'll be posting more videos on my YouTube now that I have a camera that records in HD so if you guys wan't to see what goes on while I take pictures/a little part of my day I'll link my channel below! Hope everyone is having a good week so far and I'll talk to you guys soon. Bye <33

YouTube channel: 


Top- Aeropostale 

Pants- Buffalo Exchange( Urban Outfitters)

Necklace- Urban Outfitters

Ring- Fresh Tangerine c/o

Sandals- Birkenstock


Liebster Award

liebster award

Liebster Award Rules:

1) List eleven facts about yourself.

2) Answer the eleven questions given to you by the blogger who has nominated you.
3) Write eleven brand new questions.
4) Nominate eleven other bloggers who have under 200 followers to answer your set of questions.
5) Then let your nominees know that they have been nominated by linking them to your post.

Thank you Rachel of It's My Kind Of Thing and Samio for nominating me to share a bit about myself! I enjoy reading these sort of tags on other blogs so I'm flattered to be chosen, so lets get started! 

11 Facts about me:
1) I was a vegetarian for 6 months and vegan for 3 months of my life.
2) I'm the youngest out of 3. I have one brother and one sister.
3)I have a moon shaped birthmark on my lower back. I used to be embarrassed of it but I grew to like how different it was.
4) I absolutely hate touching raw meat/poultry. Certain textures creep me out.
5) I'm only 5'7, people mistake me for being a lot taller than I actually am.
6) I have a mild lactose intolerance so I don't consume dairy(pizza is my only exception).
7) I'm Colombian and Mexican.
8) I've lived in Texas my entire life.
9)No one in my family calls me by my first name, I have a nickname that only they call me.
10)I've been wanting my nose pierced since I was 15 and finally got it done two weeks ago.
11)I will never wear brown clothing, I'm super weird about it blending with my skin tone.

Questions from Samio

1) What would be your perfect day out?
Being able to have time to get dressed up(been missing that now that I have work/school basically every day) and go downtown with my friends or anywhere with cute outside shops and just explore. Even just walking around somewhere new is a nice time, I wouldn't necessarily have to shop.
3) What’s your favourite and worst thing about blogging?
Favorite thing would be all of the people I've met through my blog, I still think it's crazy that people read and have conversations with me on my blog. I'm very grateful for all of you guys!
Worst thing is having to edit my pictures which I rarely do just because it takes too much time. I've been super lazy about it and will just shoot in really good lighting.
4) If you could meet any blogger, who would it be and why?
I can't chose one! I'm really into Tasha Green, Beautycrush, and I Dress Myself right now. All three are UK based and are absolute babes.
5) What do notice first when you meet a person?
Their face which it sounds pretty obvious but I'll notice their features first.
2) Museum or Art gallery?
Art Galleries, I've only been to one in the city I live in but I enjoy it every time.
6) What is your all time favourite song?
Katy Perry- One Of the Boys. I listened to her through out high school and this song was my anthem.
7) Heels or flats?
Heels, specifically platforms! Or heeled ankle boots!
8) Do you prefer being at home or travelling?
I'm definitely a homebody in my everyday life but I love to travel even if its just to another city.
9) If you had 10 minutes to get out of your house and leave, never to return, what would you grab and why? (Not including people)
My pups! They're my little babies. If it was something materialistic I'd probably go for all my shoes.
10) What are you most grateful for in life?
My mother even though she drives me crazy. She's played the role as a mother and dad, which I know must of been hard and I can't thank her enough for doing so much for my siblings and I.
11) Where do you hope to take your blog in the future?
I think all bloggers eventually want to make it their full time job. I'd love to do this as my career, it'd be amazing not having to work in retail anymore and put my all into my blogging.

11 New Questions:

1) Are there any new projects/changes coming to your blog in the near future?
2) What blogger/bloggers inspired you to start your own blog?
3) Describe your personal style in 3 hashtags.
4)What's one big life change you've had this past year?
5)If you could be friends with any blogger who would it be and why?
6)What's one fashion statement you wish would stop?
7)What is your favorite clothing item in your closet at the moment?
8)If offered a job in the fashion industry what would you want to do?
9)Which country would you want to visit if offered a paid trip?
10) Who inspires you most in life?
11)Vintage or new? 

Thank you again to Rachel and Samio for tagging me in this award and I loved reading more about you lovely ladies! I don't follow many blogs with 200 or less followers so I'm nominating ones that I've been keeping up with uncommonbeing, 1finedai, plus any of my readers who want to give it a try!


I Want It All Black

Good morning! For this post I wanted to do something a little different from my normal ootd posts. I decided to take my camera with my to Austin and shoot a small bit of what Shelby and I did Friday when we arrived. After we got settled in at her apartment we headed out to do some thrifting/vintage shopping. The first stop was Frock On, this store has some beautiful pieces and Shelby ended up buying some good basics to add to her wardrobe. Also, I want to thank the ladies working for letting me film and play dress up!
We were so indecisive about what to wear and finally decided on shorts and crop tops. I've really been feeling the all black look and thought this was the perfect time to wear my Fuck You crop top from Feather Hearts(sold at Urban). I've had this shirt for two years and as much as I loved it there was still this hesitation about the reactions I'd get. I ended up getting a lot of smiles and even some compliments on how rad it was. I like a good teen angst shirt here and there so I'm glad I finally got around to wearing it. I hope you guys enjoy this little vlog and I can't wait to start making more.


Shirt- Feather Hearts(sold at UO)

Shorts- XXI

Shelby's Details:

Halter top- Aeropostale

Shorts- Tunnel Vision
Shoes- Thrifted(Steve Madden)


Never Growing Up

IMG_0031 IMG_0032 IMG_0034

Happy Thursday guys, we're already at the end of the week! I have one more work day left until I leave for Austin with Shelby so I'm stoked. We plan on spending the day thrifting and roaming around the town and you guys know how much I love Austin. It's nice to finally take a little break from working and have a weekend trip before I start school again. Summer breaks always go by so quickly and I end up thinking about the fun things I could've done but didn't have time to. Besides that I'm pretty happy about going back to school after taking a year off and finishing up my degree.
I wore the comfiest romper last week to meet Shelby for lunch and oh my, its perfect. It's two of my favorite things in one! Stripes + romper. I was going for a 90's baby look meaning this is something my mom would've dressed me in when I was younger. I've also been wearing my hair up since its like 200 degrees in Texas and I kinda like the little puff look. Until next time, byeee <3


Romper: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Converse


Lets Talk About Hair

You all don't know how hard it was for me to keep this a secret but, I finally made a hair routine video! After saving up enough money I was able to buy a new slr camera that happens to record in HD so now I can make ootd videos and whatever my little heart desires. Of course I knew what my first video topic was going to be, I've been getting questions about my hair since I went natural three years ago. Whether it be in person or on my blog/Instagram. I try to explain and answer all the questions I get but I knew it'd be a lot easier to just show everyone how I get my hair the way it is. I'm hoping this answers all those questions and I can't wait to make more videos! Until next time, byeee <3 


You Said I Was The Most Exotic Flower

photo DSC_1082 DSC_1097

I'm starting off August with a fresh post and good vibes all around. I only had one day off this week from work which means only one day to dress the way I want so I may have gotten a little excited when I was getting dressed to go eat Thai with my friend. I've been dying to wear this playsuit I got from Missguided but was saving it for a more dressy occasion. I'm starting to realize how much I do that and end up never wearing most of my clothes so starting now I'm going to dress according to how I feel regardless if it's a fancier occasion or not.
The sizing for Missguided is a little tricky(it took me two orders to get it right) the playsuit I'm wearing is a UK 10 and if fits perfectly. I'm in love with the thick lace trim and the fact that it actually covers my butt. I did up wearing a light sweater just because I knew I'd be going in stores and a restaurant but it didn't cover up the beautiful details. Hope you guys are enjoying the rest of summer and until next time, byeee <333 


Playsuit(Alva Rose Print Chiffon)- Missguided

Cardigan- Urban Outfitters

*pictures by Lauren of My Damn Curls


Come On Eileen

IMG_0533 IMG_0542 IMG_0515

Hello beautiful people! I've been MIA for sometime now and for good reasons. I recently got offered a new job and started the day after so I'm still trying to balance my life + working two jobs. This is actually my last week at my other job so I'm breathing a little easier now and am finding time to get back into my routine of actually putting looks together. As you can tell this outfit is super comfy and I went for a no make up/I'm too tired to try vibe. My best friend Shelby(uncommonbeing as you guys know) is moving to another city so this was the last day I got to see her/take pictures of her for her blog. Major crying eyes emoji inserted here. It's been an overwhelming couple of weeks so I'm glad to finally get back into my routine and start pushing myself to do more with my blog. Can't wait to show you some pretty things next week! Bye <3333


Bralette/Overalls- Urban Outfitters


Shady Forest

candid tree house 2 tree house holga

Last week Cary relaunched his photography website so to celebrate I decided to share some of my favorite pictures he took awhile back at his meet up. You may remember him from one of my earlier posts where I shadowed him and got to see how he works. He also gets the best candids and I love looking back at these and seeing how much fun I had and how he captures everyone just being in the moment. Since then he's worked with Asia Dee (my favorite American Apparel model) and was featured on their Instagram and Tumblr. This guy is going places and I feel honored to have been part of his work. So if you want to see more of him and what he does check out his work below! instagram// @crashnebula website// cary-fagan.com tumblr// carylonewolf


Shirt: H&M(mens)

Jeans/ Boots: Urban Outfitters


You Deserve Rounds

DSC_1005 DSC_1022 DSC_1017

Happy Saturday y'all! I am officially 21 and it feels so good, I had such a fun time last night. I went to a wine bar with a few friends and some family then to the club for my very first time. Crazy right? I'm not a big club or party kinda girl but I mean you only turn 21 once right? So I let loose and I don't think I've ever had so much fun just dancing and going with the flow. This was my first time really drinking too(so many new experiences!) but I had a little wine and sampled margaritas, I just don't like the taste of alcohol but I guess no one really does. What I'm really looking forward to is going to shows for free now and getting to go to cute bars.
I wore the prettiest black dress from Free People but the only pictures that were taken were from my proud mama who was snapping pictures at the dinner so if I get my hands on one I'll show you guys! This outfit on the other hand was an idea of what I wanted to wear. I feel really classy wearing blazers and I love these lounge shorts I got from XXI so I've been wearing them like crazy. The two paired together has a business chic look, maybe not office appropriate but definitely a fun take on a business look. Until next time, byeeee <333

*pictures provided by Lauren of My Damn Curls*


Blazer- Thrifted(Wish) borrowed 

Shirt/Purse - Urban Outfitters

Shorts- XXI


Summertime In My Eyes

IMG_0383IMG_0373 legs.jpg 
Today is the first day of June and I'm already excited for what this month/summer will bring. Next week I'll be turning 21(YAY!) so I can't wait to share my birthday outfit with you guys. Besides that I'm looking forward to making more time for me and not working myself so hard. Working in retail means long hours and spending my weekends at the store, so I've decided to make it a point to get a day off so that I can blog and just hang out with friends. I think its important to give yourself a break and take a breather so that you can do the things you enjoy. 

Now that we've talked a little bit about life lets get on to this outfit which not surprisingly is all from Urban Outfitters. You guys know I love stripes and being comfy so I wore this almost body con t-shirt dress and my new Birkenstock's(yes I'm all about these bad boys). And whats a complete outfit without some layering, I threw on the denim shirt so I wouldn't have to worry about the dress being to short or rising up. I do wear spandex shorts underneath all my dresses/skirts since I'm always on the move and don't always have time for being a lady. If you ever fill like a dress is too short or tight just tie something around your waist to take away from it! Until next time, byeee <3


Dress/Sandals/Necklace- Urban Outfitters 


Bring It On

DSC_7896 hey laura.jpgDSC_7894

This beauty right here is my friend Laura, she was sweet enough to let me take some pictures of her and I wanted to show you guys how cute she is! We used to work together and I instantly fell in love with her style, which is how she got the nickname "tumblr girl". We constantly find ourselves switching styles and unintentionally dressing like each other. She's one of my favorite people to shop with(for obvious reasons) and I can always count on her for a little inspiration. Hope you guys enjoy the little features and i'm sure you guys will see Laura again soon! Lets see if we can get her to talk about her style and share some of her favorite trends for the summer. 

Details; Top/Skirt: American Apparel


Spring Affair

DSC_7938DSC_7937 DSC_7877DSC_7954 DSC_7946

Moving forward into Spring/Summer I've had a little craving for pastels and prints. I rarely shop at American Apparel mostly because there isn't one that close to me and because the guilt I'll feel for spending thirty dollars on a basic shirt, which I can appreciate because I'll get plenty of uses out of it but I'm a bit of a bargain shopper when it comes to clothes and well most things I have to pay for. I went last week to AA and found this pastel pink crop top and couldn't find it in my heart to put it back on the rack, I had tried on shorts hoping I'd find a good pair but the style I liked were out in my size so maybe it was a good thing for my wallet. I also have only worn these pants once which is crazy because they're so comfy and classic. I almost feel like housewife in them. The last time I wore them I wore a white shirt tucked in but todays weather was perfect for a loose crop and I decided to just go with it. I did some walking around with my friends so this outfit was perfect and although I look mad(extra love from the sun + naturally giving face all the time) in most of these pictures I was enjoying my time off from work and the time I was spending with my girlfriends. You guys are in for a treat later this week, I took pictures of my friend Laura who is basically a real life tumblr girl when it comes to style. So I thought it'd be fun to feature her and hopefully more people who inspire me. Until next time, byeee <3 


Shirt: American Apparel 

Pants: H&M (sale)

Sunnies: Urban Outfitters


A Little Intimate


I'm alive! I know its been like two or three weeks since I've checked with you all. My shifts at work picked up so I've been a little burnt out since. I have today off so I decided to take a break from watching Raising Hope(part of the reason I'm so tired because I stay up late watching it) I get sucked into shows easily. Another reason I haven't posted is because I really haven't been putting a lot of effort into what I'm wearing since I've been getting up at 6 am and not even I have time for that. So a lot of what I've been wearing is joggers and oversized shirts, which allows me to run errands and do whatever tasks I need to when I get home comfortably. I ordered some much needed bras online and wanted to show you these beauties. I've been wearing bralettes and triangle bras for about two years now and honestly I've grown to love the natural shape they give me. I wear a 34b/32c in bra's so I don't need as much support since my boobs are a little on the smaller side. Don't get me wrong, sometimes a lightly lined or padded bra can do wonders but for my everyday look these work just fine. I got all of these on sale from Urban Outfitters online, they are having a pretty good sale on intimates so I ordered a few. These are the only ones that fit, I bought all of them in a medium but the other two I bought didn't have adjustable straps so they ended up falling off a little which is lame because they were really cute sporty ones. I have my eye on the prettiest bralette from Christie Nicole but for now it'll stay on my wish list. Talk to you babes soon, bye <333


Creative Folk

kensfolk meetkens folk meet uppkens folk

I had the pleasure of attending yet another meet up, it seems like these events are really starting to become a part of my routine. This one was held by Kendall Hanna of Kensfolk, this lady is such an inspiration. You guys can check out some of her photography and her blog (here). I can't believe I had never met her even though we literally worked right across from each other! She is fairly new to Houston so she held the event so that she could meet more "creatives" in the area. I'm also kind of growing on the term creatives, I never imaged someone let alone a group of people considering me somewhat of an artist. The group had people I would really consider artists like architects and photographers. I like the idea of getting groups of people together whom may never talk to each other in their everyday life's and putting them together and seeing them bond over similar interest. I've met so many sweet people and have found a sense of belonging. Living in Houston has its perks but it's definitely not New York or Los Angeles, the fashion and art community aren't as big. So when there's an opportunity to be part of the small creative community I make sure to be there. I look forward to more meet ups and making new friends. Before I go lets talk about how much I wear this blazer, if you read my post about going to Austin you'll remember seeing this thrifted beauty. I've seen so many casual looks including blazers so I kept it really simple and tied up my shirt underneath for a little midrift action. I'm a fan of showing a little stomach when I'm all covered up, it just adds a little sass. Since the weather is starting to warm up I'm finally going to be able to wear crop tops and dresses again so I can't wait to show y'all what I come up with! Until next time, byeee <3 

*All pictures were taken by Kendall Hanna*


Blazer: Thrifted 

Shirt/Purse: H&M

Boots: Vagabond


SXSW Street Style

sxsw streetstyle
This was my second day in Austin for SXSW and I had a few photographers ask to take street style pictures of me which was really fun. The photographer who took this is one that I had met during an Instagram Meet back home so I was more than happy to strike a little pose. I kept my outfits really simple and light since I knew I'd be walking around from 12pm-late at night each day. This was one of my favorites mostly because of my chunky cut out shoes I was wearing, I've worked six hours straight in these babies so I knew I would be able to handle them. If you follow my Instagram you've probably already seen these shoes and this picture(but now you can get all the deets!). I think I enjoyed people watching and seeing everyones style more than going to shows, not that I didn't have a good time seeing the bands I like and new ones! I just really had fun posing for pictures and talking about clothes with the fashionable crowd there. It's always a good time when you have music and fashion mixed together so I'm definitely looking forward to going to more festivals and shows this summer. As soon as I develop the pictures from my film camera I'll post a tad bit more about my trip. Until next time, byeeeee <3

Thanks to Justin Kim for this picture, you guys can check out his blog (here)


Dress/Necklace; Urban OutfittersShoes: XXI 


Meeting Ascot and Hart

DSC_7668DSC_7682DSC_7675DSC_7693 DSC_7677DSC_7683

Hello beauties! I just got back home from Austin less than two hours ago and wanted to tell you guys about SXSW. This is my second year attending the festival and I had such a great time, everyone was so nice and fun. I met some really cool people and photographers while I explored 6th street with my friend. We were there from Wednesday-Saturday morning so we were able to go to a good amount of shows and explore my favorite city. I went to the pop shop Laura and Jen from Ascot + Hart were having(thanks to Shelby for letting me know that they were going to be in Austin and for introducing me to their blog!). I've been following their blog and Instagram for inspiration and fell in love with both of them. I wasn't sure how lame it would be to fan girl over bloggers but I had a little moment. They were both so sweet and down to earth, and such babes. I also met Amanda whom is friends with Jen. She had taken a street style picture of me Wednesday and it was crazy running into her again, small world right? For obvious reasons I fell in love with her style, she's an LA based blogger and she has her own shop! We ended up showing Amanda how to ride the bus and then headed back to 6th street to find free shows I could get into. If you guys haven't been to SXSW most free shows are 21+ so finding ones I could get into was a little tiring and for most the lines were so long we just ended up watching street performers. I enjoyed just walking around and exploring but I'm sure next year when I'm 21 it'll be so much easier and fun. Hope you all are having a great weekend and I'll talk more about my trip later! Byee <3

You can check out the Asoct + Hart blog (here) and Amanda's shop (here)


Crop Top- American Apparel
Harem Pants- Thrifted
Shoes- Urban Outfitters 


OOTD VLOG// Faux Fur and Leather

Do you all remember me talking about wanting to record OOTD videos? Well I finally was able to! Yesterday my friend helped me shoot it and I stayed up last night editing all the clips and now have the final project. I'm giving myself a little a pat on the back for actually staying focused and getting it done so I hope you guys enjoy it. I definitely want to start having more video style vlogs and OOTD videos so you can see a little bit of what goes on when I'm taking pictures for the blog and get a better idea of how the clothes fit and move. Thanks to all you of beauties for keeping up with me so far and know that I love sharing my day and outfits with y'all! 


All listed in the video caption

Also, special thanks to my friend John for recording this video for me! 


Meet Cary


This morning I shadowed Cary Fagan for one of his shoots. To my surprise I arrived to see the models were familiar faces, the Anderson family consisting of Hannah and Sophia(pictured above) and Joshua whom was also working behind the camera. I see why he chose them, I mean c'mon look at how gorgeous they are! I met Cary at the Instagram Meet Up that took place a few months back and like many others we stayed in touch through Instagram. He shoots with film which I love so I asked if I could come and shadow him and he was kind enough to allow me to. I've been keeping up with his photography since meeting him and I can honestly say he's one of my favorite photographers. I would describe his work as dreamy from the beautiful models to the grain on each picture. You can see him through his art, in person he's a minimalist and very artistic and that translates to the images. Everyone can check out his work and prints (here).

Until next time, byeee <3