I Want It All Black

Good morning! For this post I wanted to do something a little different from my normal ootd posts. I decided to take my camera with my to Austin and shoot a small bit of what Shelby and I did Friday when we arrived. After we got settled in at her apartment we headed out to do some thrifting/vintage shopping. The first stop was Frock On, this store has some beautiful pieces and Shelby ended up buying some good basics to add to her wardrobe. Also, I want to thank the ladies working for letting me film and play dress up!
We were so indecisive about what to wear and finally decided on shorts and crop tops. I've really been feeling the all black look and thought this was the perfect time to wear my Fuck You crop top from Feather Hearts(sold at Urban). I've had this shirt for two years and as much as I loved it there was still this hesitation about the reactions I'd get. I ended up getting a lot of smiles and even some compliments on how rad it was. I like a good teen angst shirt here and there so I'm glad I finally got around to wearing it. I hope you guys enjoy this little vlog and I can't wait to start making more.


Shirt- Feather Hearts(sold at UO)

Shorts- XXI

Shelby's Details:

Halter top- Aeropostale

Shorts- Tunnel Vision
Shoes- Thrifted(Steve Madden)


Never Growing Up

IMG_0031 IMG_0032 IMG_0034

Happy Thursday guys, we're already at the end of the week! I have one more work day left until I leave for Austin with Shelby so I'm stoked. We plan on spending the day thrifting and roaming around the town and you guys know how much I love Austin. It's nice to finally take a little break from working and have a weekend trip before I start school again. Summer breaks always go by so quickly and I end up thinking about the fun things I could've done but didn't have time to. Besides that I'm pretty happy about going back to school after taking a year off and finishing up my degree.
I wore the comfiest romper last week to meet Shelby for lunch and oh my, its perfect. It's two of my favorite things in one! Stripes + romper. I was going for a 90's baby look meaning this is something my mom would've dressed me in when I was younger. I've also been wearing my hair up since its like 200 degrees in Texas and I kinda like the little puff look. Until next time, byeee <3


Romper: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Converse


Lets Talk About Hair

You all don't know how hard it was for me to keep this a secret but, I finally made a hair routine video! After saving up enough money I was able to buy a new slr camera that happens to record in HD so now I can make ootd videos and whatever my little heart desires. Of course I knew what my first video topic was going to be, I've been getting questions about my hair since I went natural three years ago. Whether it be in person or on my blog/Instagram. I try to explain and answer all the questions I get but I knew it'd be a lot easier to just show everyone how I get my hair the way it is. I'm hoping this answers all those questions and I can't wait to make more videos! Until next time, byeee <3 


You Said I Was The Most Exotic Flower

photo DSC_1082 DSC_1097

I'm starting off August with a fresh post and good vibes all around. I only had one day off this week from work which means only one day to dress the way I want so I may have gotten a little excited when I was getting dressed to go eat Thai with my friend. I've been dying to wear this playsuit I got from Missguided but was saving it for a more dressy occasion. I'm starting to realize how much I do that and end up never wearing most of my clothes so starting now I'm going to dress according to how I feel regardless if it's a fancier occasion or not.
The sizing for Missguided is a little tricky(it took me two orders to get it right) the playsuit I'm wearing is a UK 10 and if fits perfectly. I'm in love with the thick lace trim and the fact that it actually covers my butt. I did up wearing a light sweater just because I knew I'd be going in stores and a restaurant but it didn't cover up the beautiful details. Hope you guys are enjoying the rest of summer and until next time, byeee <333 


Playsuit(Alva Rose Print Chiffon)- Missguided

Cardigan- Urban Outfitters

*pictures by Lauren of My Damn Curls