So Steezy

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The very stylish guys at Steezebook featured me on their style blog this past weekend, and can I just say how flattered and in awe I was when I read the post!? Seriously, I've never had anything written so well and inspiring about myself. Still being fairly new to fashion blogging I forget how I can play a role for others interested in styling and advice. So it's such a nice feeling to know people are checking my blog and IG to see what I've put together. I'm very grateful that people are accepting and appreciative of my look. So with that I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Filmore(1/2 of Steezebook) who contacted me and showcased my blog. They are also new to blogging so show them some love! You can check out their blog(here) and their Instagram(here).

Until next time, byee <3 


Take It Breezy

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There's something about wearing white and denim together that reminds me of summer. It's such a clean and simple look which is probably why I like it so much. I got this shirt dress from Urban Outfitters for $10 awhile back and was waiting for it to be warm enough to wear it out. It's a midi dress so it goes past my knees but this one is cut at an angle so that the left side is higher. I decided to just knot it up and layer a denim shirt over it for a laid back look. You guys know how much I love tying flannels around my waist so it's sort of second nature at this point. It was also my first time wearing my Chelsea wedge boots. I had the brilliant idea of wearing these bad boys to work so I could break them in, I'm paying for that today! I'm not the only one with logic like that right? Talk to you beauties real soon, byee <33


Dress/Boots/Denim Shirt: Urban Outfitters


It's Not that Uncommon


Two post in one week? I hope everyone is as excited and proud as I am! This is Shelby from uncommonbeing, most of you guys have already heard me talk about her and her blog. For those who don't know this is my friend/thrifting partner. I take pictures for her blog and drag her to events I'm too shy to go to by myself. These are some that I took from our latest thrifting trip, I loved this outfit(you guys know stripes + overalls are my holy grail). The one thing I love about her is that she really doesn't care about peoples opinions on how she dresses. She's gotten me out of my comfort zone maybe not to the point of wearing a cute lacey bralette as a shirt but I'm getting there! If you love the bohemian vibe she's definitely your girl, and she has the biggest jewelry collection I've ever seen. If you guys like seeing how my friends dress I'll do more posts and interview them about their style. Maybe I'll even make it a little segment with fun questions, we'll see! Also, before I get too carried away I made a bloglovin account. I got a few emails from you guys saying that you added me on it so I checked it out and now all my posts will be linked there to make it easier to stay in touch and see what I'm up to. You can even download the app(which I'm already obsessed with).
Until next time, byeee <3


Shirt/Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Overalls: Thrifted 

Sandals: Birkenstocks

Purse: Cleobella 

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Farmers Market

This is one of the first Sunday's I've had off in awhile so I thought it'd be fun to finally go to a farmers market here! My friend Lauren from My Damn Curls has been telling about these local markets held on certain days of each month and our schedules finally allowed us to check it out. I was picturing a field stacked with stands of fresh fruits and samples but it turns out it's alittle more modern than that. We went to the Urban Harvest Sunday Farmers Market at Eastside Street, it was set up in a parking lot and there was probably 15-20 local vendors with a variety of healthy food. The first thing that popped out was the natural dog food stand that had tons of home made natural snacks and we both got popcorn for our pups(they loved it). I went straight to the bakery vendors and bought macaroons from the cutest stand. There wasn't any fruit unfortunately so we sat and ate alittle. Then we checked out the juice stand before leaving and headed to the nearest park so I could get some outfit pictures. The weather was perfect today although it was so windy I literally felt like I was being blown away. I broke out my tapestry high waisted shorts and put on a kimono to celebrate the fact that it isn't icy and cold out. I also want to say I hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day and cheers to the beginning of Spring! 
Bye babes <333


Kimono/Shorts- Urban Outfitters


In-N-Outta Austin


First off, hello beauties! I feel like its been forever since I've talked about my latest adventure..but then again I haven't been on a lot of outings because of this bummy weather. It's been freezing and raining like crazy here in Houston. I'm imagining this is how it feels to live in the UK, well close enough. My mother and I have been planning a day trip to Austin to visit my older sister but every day that we tried to go was cancelled because of the ice on the highways. Finally it cleared up last week and I was able to drive us there, it was sprinkling on and off so I tried to get some pictures when we entered Bastrop, Texas. I was literally shaking and trying to help my mom figure out how to use my camera. (shout out to my momma for trying her best!) I'm getting back to classics and was excited I could finally where this blazer I thrifted from Family Thrift store w/ Shelby from uncommonbeing. I told you guys she's been helping me find more classic pieces that go with my style. I've actually got a good amount of sweaters and jackets lately so maybe a haul will be in order to show my little gems. This was just a day trip so we did a little thrifting before we picked up my sister from work then did a little driving around and I ended up seeing In-N- Out Burger and couldn't pass up trying their burgers! We don't have on in Houston so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I don't really eat meat so I can't say I'm a trustworthy food critic but I did really like the burger and fries, I'd say it's a step up from Dairy Queen but not Red Robbin level. If you guys have those hamburger joints then you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. Overall I had a nice time seeing my sister since I barely get to visit but I should be going back for SXSW in March. I'm already planning some outfit ideas for the festival so I can't wait to get it all together, I'll probably do a few inspiration posts from my Polyvore account so look out for those!As always, its been a pleasure and I'll be back soon! Byeee <3


Blazer: Thrifted
Scarf: American Apparel
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Urban Outfitters)