All Tied Together.

Vicious Spirit
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Vicious Spirit
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Vicious Spirit
Crop Top-Urban Outfitters/Tie dye short-Urban Outfitters/
Dr. Martens- Macy's

For my first post I wanted to show what I would usually wear to work or just to hang out in. I consider my everyday style to be pretty basic and laid back. I've also started to incorporate a lot of flannels into my outfits just to give it that relaxed look and it definitely works great with adding a little tom boyish feel. I'm excited to transition into fall since this Texas heat is killing my layering game. 
Until my next post, byeeeee! <3 


  1. I love flannel too! I am actually obsessed with it. I like your hair and style {I just saw you on BGLH} :-)http://ammamama.wordpress.com/

    1. I love wearing flannels anytime of the year, and thanks so much! Hope you enjoyed the interview :)