A Little Intimate


I'm alive! I know its been like two or three weeks since I've checked with you all. My shifts at work picked up so I've been a little burnt out since. I have today off so I decided to take a break from watching Raising Hope(part of the reason I'm so tired because I stay up late watching it) I get sucked into shows easily. Another reason I haven't posted is because I really haven't been putting a lot of effort into what I'm wearing since I've been getting up at 6 am and not even I have time for that. So a lot of what I've been wearing is joggers and oversized shirts, which allows me to run errands and do whatever tasks I need to when I get home comfortably. I ordered some much needed bras online and wanted to show you these beauties. I've been wearing bralettes and triangle bras for about two years now and honestly I've grown to love the natural shape they give me. I wear a 34b/32c in bra's so I don't need as much support since my boobs are a little on the smaller side. Don't get me wrong, sometimes a lightly lined or padded bra can do wonders but for my everyday look these work just fine. I got all of these on sale from Urban Outfitters online, they are having a pretty good sale on intimates so I ordered a few. These are the only ones that fit, I bought all of them in a medium but the other two I bought didn't have adjustable straps so they ended up falling off a little which is lame because they were really cute sporty ones. I have my eye on the prettiest bralette from Christie Nicole but for now it'll stay on my wish list. Talk to you babes soon, bye <333

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