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I had the pleasure of attending yet another meet up, it seems like these events are really starting to become a part of my routine. This one was held by Kendall Hanna of Kensfolk, this lady is such an inspiration. You guys can check out some of her photography and her blog (here). I can't believe I had never met her even though we literally worked right across from each other! She is fairly new to Houston so she held the event so that she could meet more "creatives" in the area. I'm also kind of growing on the term creatives, I never imaged someone let alone a group of people considering me somewhat of an artist. The group had people I would really consider artists like architects and photographers. I like the idea of getting groups of people together whom may never talk to each other in their everyday life's and putting them together and seeing them bond over similar interest. I've met so many sweet people and have found a sense of belonging. Living in Houston has its perks but it's definitely not New York or Los Angeles, the fashion and art community aren't as big. So when there's an opportunity to be part of the small creative community I make sure to be there. I look forward to more meet ups and making new friends. Before I go lets talk about how much I wear this blazer, if you read my post about going to Austin you'll remember seeing this thrifted beauty. I've seen so many casual looks including blazers so I kept it really simple and tied up my shirt underneath for a little midrift action. I'm a fan of showing a little stomach when I'm all covered up, it just adds a little sass. Since the weather is starting to warm up I'm finally going to be able to wear crop tops and dresses again so I can't wait to show y'all what I come up with! Until next time, byeee <3 

*All pictures were taken by Kendall Hanna*


Blazer: Thrifted 

Shirt/Purse: H&M

Boots: Vagabond

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