Shady Forest

candid tree house 2 tree house holga

Last week Cary relaunched his photography website so to celebrate I decided to share some of my favorite pictures he took awhile back at his meet up. You may remember him from one of my earlier posts where I shadowed him and got to see how he works. He also gets the best candids and I love looking back at these and seeing how much fun I had and how he captures everyone just being in the moment. Since then he's worked with Asia Dee (my favorite American Apparel model) and was featured on their Instagram and Tumblr. This guy is going places and I feel honored to have been part of his work. So if you want to see more of him and what he does check out his work below! instagram// @crashnebula website// cary-fagan.com tumblr// carylonewolf


Shirt: H&M(mens)

Jeans/ Boots: Urban Outfitters

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