I Want It All Black

Good morning! For this post I wanted to do something a little different from my normal ootd posts. I decided to take my camera with my to Austin and shoot a small bit of what Shelby and I did Friday when we arrived. After we got settled in at her apartment we headed out to do some thrifting/vintage shopping. The first stop was Frock On, this store has some beautiful pieces and Shelby ended up buying some good basics to add to her wardrobe. Also, I want to thank the ladies working for letting me film and play dress up!
We were so indecisive about what to wear and finally decided on shorts and crop tops. I've really been feeling the all black look and thought this was the perfect time to wear my Fuck You crop top from Feather Hearts(sold at Urban). I've had this shirt for two years and as much as I loved it there was still this hesitation about the reactions I'd get. I ended up getting a lot of smiles and even some compliments on how rad it was. I like a good teen angst shirt here and there so I'm glad I finally got around to wearing it. I hope you guys enjoy this little vlog and I can't wait to start making more.


Shirt- Feather Hearts(sold at UO)

Shorts- XXI

Shelby's Details:

Halter top- Aeropostale

Shorts- Tunnel Vision
Shoes- Thrifted(Steve Madden)


  1. Hey I only recently started following you, but I really like your blog! I tagged you in my Liebster Award post, check it out here: http://fashionfalloutblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/liebster-award.html


    1. Thank you so much, I saw the award and am very excited to do it. I will complete/post it this week! Also looked through some of your outfit posts and you're the cutest thing.

  2. I love that floral dress, it looks so pretty on you!.. I've just done the Liebster Award and tagged you to do it next if you fancy doing it: http://www.samio.co.uk/liebster-award

    Samio x

  3. Awh thank you! I just finished it and will post it tomorrow, I really enjoyed reading yours!