You Said I Was The Most Exotic Flower

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I'm starting off August with a fresh post and good vibes all around. I only had one day off this week from work which means only one day to dress the way I want so I may have gotten a little excited when I was getting dressed to go eat Thai with my friend. I've been dying to wear this playsuit I got from Missguided but was saving it for a more dressy occasion. I'm starting to realize how much I do that and end up never wearing most of my clothes so starting now I'm going to dress according to how I feel regardless if it's a fancier occasion or not.
The sizing for Missguided is a little tricky(it took me two orders to get it right) the playsuit I'm wearing is a UK 10 and if fits perfectly. I'm in love with the thick lace trim and the fact that it actually covers my butt. I did up wearing a light sweater just because I knew I'd be going in stores and a restaurant but it didn't cover up the beautiful details. Hope you guys are enjoying the rest of summer and until next time, byeee <333 


Playsuit(Alva Rose Print Chiffon)- Missguided

Cardigan- Urban Outfitters

*pictures by Lauren of My Damn Curls


  1. WOWWW you look beautiful! Way better than via skype haha
    I really, really love this look!

  2. AMAZING!!

  3. really loving this look of yours! <3


  4. Love your style!! I've been searching for some black sandals like the ones you have on, where did u get them or where can I get some similar ones? ✌️❤️


    1. Your'e so sweet, thank you! I got mine from XXI awhile ago. I always shop from Urban Outfitters and Asos for my statement shoes.

  5. Man, I just went through your whooolle blog and I gotta say I love your style and hair. <3 I moved to Houston earlier this year, where do you usually thrift at? So far I've found some good stores on Montrose but I'd love some suggestions from somebody who is from here.


  6. Wow thank you SO much! As much as I love the Montrose/Westheimer area the thrift stores there are usually overpriced. I stick to Family Thrift Store's and any church resale shop I stumble upon.