Summer Breeze


Good morning beautiful people! I'm starting off today on a productive note, after almost an hour of editing pictures I decided that this was the best one(I'm super picky). I started playing around in photoshop and although very confusing I think I got the hang of basic editing. I'm still in the process of editing the ones of my friend, which you guys will see pretty soon!

Last weekend I got a few new things that I've been needing so I can't wait to style them, I've been pretty good about not going overboard on clothes shopping. Most are basics but I also got some printed dresses and summer pieces like this kimono. Which I got at Pacsun, I hadn't purchased anything from there since high school! I happened to be at the outlet mall and saw they were having a sale so I was like why not. To my surprise the whole store is completely different, it has a boho almost Free People feel now. I found some really cute pieces in clearance and will definitely be going back. Has anyone else been there recently? If not, now you know! 

I'll talk to you babes real soon, byeee <3 

Halter top- Aeropostale
Shorts- American Apparel
Kimono- Pacsun
Shoes- Forever 21


  1. I haven't been in PacSun in a couple of years but they have really up'ed their game. I bought some cute red velvet shorts from there in 2013. It's crazy because their clothes used to be lame. Like, Abercrombie and Fitch whack.

    1. Haha I loved their jeans back when I was in high school but that's it really. I was like okay you better compete with forever 21!