I've Got So Many Ripped Knees

Jacket/Ankle boots/Shirt- Urban/Jeans/Necklace-XXI

This is my first post about jeans and these are literally the best jeans I've bought in a long time. I don't usually wear a lower fit but I was surprised on how these sit right on my waist. All the jeans that I currently have are high waisted that I bought from Urban Outfitters, don't get me wrong I love them but I find it hard to wear them with longer shirts especially when I want to tuck the front of the shirts in. I bought the one's that I'm wearing from Forever 21 last week and can I just say how their fall clothes looks exactly like American Apparels? Seriously, I bought a few pieces from there already like my circle skirt in a previous post and some other goodies I'll show you guys soon. For anyone who has a similar shape as I do I recommend trying jeans from Old Navy, Urban, and Forever 21. Bye deerlings <33


  1. yes, honey, i love what forever 21 is putting out right now. especially some of the styled mannequins at the f21 near where i live. i love the chunky sweaters, the military jackets, the acid washed jeans, and some of their shoes. f21 is doing well! i wish i could buy me a chunky sweater or military jacket but i have to save money to get them. this is a cute outfit! i love stripes. so classic & chic. very french? right? anyway, you're gorgeous! found you from bglh...

    1. Exactly! I usually don't shop there but I was surprised that they had a huge selection of clothes that I wanted or that was similar to American Apparel's. Don't get me started on the military jackets, I saw one that said "I Don't Care" written on the back that I loved but it was forty bucks so I had to walk away from it. I'm glad you checked out my blog! I am kinda obsessed with stripes so i'm sure you'll see tons of outfits on how I style my collection of striped shirts haha.