Go Against the Grain



I consider my blog to be lifestyle and fashion so I'm slowly going to start posting more about my life and my hobbies. One being photography, nothing fancy just a little fun side project I do with my film cameras. I bought a Holga two years ago and have had the same roll of film since. I tend to forget to bring it with me when I travel or do anything exciting but somehow I ended up finally finishing the roll.  I got about twenty four good pictures out of the whole 36 images. When I first started using the camera I wasn't aware it didn't have a flash so I lost out on those pictures but still managed to get these gems. These are just a few of my favorites I wanted to share with you deers(never getting tired of my puns). I suggest looking up some videos and researching if you do buy a Holga or any film camera! The film I bought was made specifically for Holga's which is a bummer because no local store such as Walgreens or Walmart can develop it. It is the general 35mm film but it doesn't say c-41 on the roll of film so I had to take it to a photo lab and get it developed there. I live in Houston so the closest one I could find was Aker Image, the ladies there were very helpful and did an amazing job with keeping the quality of my pictures. They put them on a cd so I could print them out later. I'm currently playing around with my Lomography fish eye camera so once I finish a roll I'll be sure to post a few pictures. Bye deerlings! <3

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