Welcome to Chinatown

I was lost but now I am found, yesterday I discovered Chinatown and the Harwin district. Living in Houston my whole life I had only heard about the magical place where one could buy extremely cheap accessories and find stores filled with Sanrio cuteness. I nearly passed out from how many cute plush animals and tiny..well everything was that I saw. I was expecting traditional building structures and bright decorations to cover the area(like I had seen in Sex and the City) but was surprised with what looked like any other part of Houston.  Each plaza had a huge selection of restaurants, clothing stores, and markets. I was able to get a taste of the Chinese culture and try new foods with friends. I cant wait to go back and explore the other plazas!
Until my next post, bye babes <3

Long sleeve crop top- UO/Ankle boots- UO/Heart necklace-UO/
Sunnies-UO/ Skirt-XXI

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