All About Hair

About three weeks ago I did an interview on the Black Girl With Long Hair website and got such a great feedback that I wanted to share it here on my blog. I was surprised and grateful to be asked to talk about my hair and be considered a fashion icon as well a natural hair inspiration. I get tons of questions about my hair and am constantly asked how I style it. I'm flattered that my hair has a positive response with others so I was more than happy to explain how I maintain my fro. For those who don't know what natural hair is, it's unprocessed hair meaning that it isn't altered with chemicals( i.e. relaxers, perms, texturizers) so it's pretty much the texture of your hair when it's not being changed by heat stylers or chemicals. The definition of being natural can mean various things some believe that coloring or straightening your hair doesn't make you natural but I consider chemical treatments to be the only thing that wouldn't make your hair natural. I'm not someone who pushes or thinks everyone needs to be natural, I think that you should do whatever you want to your hair. I mean, it is yours so how you choose to style it is up to you. I do love seeing other women and young girls embracing their natural hair and seeing all the different types of curl patterns. Deciding to stop relaxing and straighten my hair has made me more appreciate of natural beauty overall. I will definitely do more post specifically about my hair and try some fun styles for those naturals who read my blog!

Bye guys <3


  1. I saw this post on BGLH and have been following you on blogloving since. I love your hair :)!!! I probably have about the same texture and have just big chopped after a year of transitioning. I love it, I don't know what took me so long. I colour my greys though and I don't really care who thinks that makes me "unnatural"; it's hair, it's mine and I'm happy with it without having to be part of a movement. I'd be happy to see lots more hair and outfit posts :D.

    1. Thank you so much! I was nervous when I was transtioning also, but it got to the point where I was just anxious to see my curl pattern and I'm glad I cut it off when I did because I got to experience my twa. I don't see anything wrong with coloring your hair, I mean I've colored mine twice and I still consider my hair natural haha. I'm glad you have such a great attitude about natural hair and thanks again for reading/keeping up with me. I'll brainstorm some ideas I can do for my next hair post :)