Baby, It's Cold Outside

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Hello beauties! First off, I hope everyone had a nice holiday and got some fun gifts. I spent all of last week working and finishing getting parts of presents for Christmas. I spent my whole paycheck plus a little of my savings getting gifts for my family and friends so now its time to work and recover from that. I haven't mentioned this but I take pictures for my friends blog, her name is Shelby and she runs uncommonbeing. We both are still trying to find photographers so we can post more often. In the meantime we take each others pictures to the best of our ability. We met up last week so I could take some shots of her and ended up at the mall so she could finish getting gifts, and let me tell you going to the mall two days before Christmas Eve is a mistake. Thank goodness we weren't in there for long though. She came with me to run some errands and we ended up spending the whole day together and we both would like to start making DIY post and maybe some videos of hauls. I'm even thinking of doing outfit of the day videos but there's still the need of a photographer/videographer. So hopefully we can find some freelance photographers to work with and get some more content on our blogs. Sometimes I forget that I should talk about my outfit as well as life in these posts, but anyways this is what I wore when we went out shopping. I'm kinda obsessed with cutesy overalls and baby doll coats so this outfit was a great representation of me on a daily base. Also, if you guys would like to see my daily outfits or details that I have for each day follow me on instagram (here)! I post a lot more there since it's a little easier to do it on the spot.Bye deerlings <3


Overalls/Tights/Plimsolls: Urban Outfitters

Coat: Cotton On 

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