Walk on the Wild Side


I know I've mentioned before the weather here in Houston, but let me tell you it is no joke. Just two days ago it was in the seventies and now its in the forties. I wore this outfit to go to the mall with a friend. I'm not big on wearing jackets but I definitely was freezing through out the day, I layered what I consider is a basic outfit. I've had these tights for a year and couldn't figure how to style them without looking like I was wearing a costume. I'm starting to get more comfortable mixing prints and patterns, this look is just a quick thrown together kinda look which I love. I like when an outfit just puts itself together and somehow works. You guys know I like a chill look and this is definitely very laid back. If you noticed my hair is different, I'm a little obsessed with wearing two buns now. For this look I just blew out my hair and then made two little ponytails and turned them into messy buns. Also, if you follow me on instagram (here) you know I live in this jacket. I can't tell you how much I wear it but I mean it was only five bucks from a thrift store!
Hope you guys are having a nice weekend! Bye <33

Jacket/Flannel- Thrifted
Shirt Dress- XXI
Leggings- Urban Outfitters 


  1. I didn't even know Houston could get that cold {please excuse my ignorance, I'm an MD girl}. It's snowing here today and about 30 degress. Anywho, I love love your hairstyle and the layers are cute too :-)

  2. It usually doesn't get this this cold till the end of the December, but I would love to see some snow here! Thank you so much for checking out the blog post and stay warm out there :)