Stay Gold, Ponyboy


So, some of you may already know...I colored my hair! I finally got rid of the reddish brown I had in my hair from July. This is my third time dying my hair so I guess the third time is really the charm. I mentioned that I would start including post about my hair since most of my readers are naturals and want to hear more about it. I got this color done on Monday, it took about four hours to get this end result. I have a lot of hair and on top of that it's super thick so my stylist did the coloring in a three step process; she first lifted my color that had grown out, then lifted my roots, and then finally put the toner with the color that I wanted. I got the coloring done at Aveda Salon which is known for their color specialists so I wasn't worried at all. This is the second time that I've gotten it done professionally, the first time was in June but the stylist underestimated the level needed to lift my natural black hair color so there was no difference. The second time my friends used boxed Shea Moisture hair dye in the color light blonde to give me the reddish brown color I had up until now. This time I wanted to go a lot lighter and I used pictures of Rihanna and Beyonce for the shade of golden brown that I was going for and I love the color I got. I did ask to have my roots darker so it wouldn't look too unnatural and once my roots do grow out it will have an ombre effect so I don't have to get it touched up too often. Bye deerlings <3 


Surplus Jacket/Velvet top- Urban Outfitters

Overalls- Thrifted(urban renewal) 

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