So Steezy

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The very stylish guys at Steezebook featured me on their style blog this past weekend, and can I just say how flattered and in awe I was when I read the post!? Seriously, I've never had anything written so well and inspiring about myself. Still being fairly new to fashion blogging I forget how I can play a role for others interested in styling and advice. So it's such a nice feeling to know people are checking my blog and IG to see what I've put together. I'm very grateful that people are accepting and appreciative of my look. So with that I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Filmore(1/2 of Steezebook) who contacted me and showcased my blog. They are also new to blogging so show them some love! You can check out their blog(here) and their Instagram(here).

Until next time, byee <3 

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