Farmers Market

This is one of the first Sunday's I've had off in awhile so I thought it'd be fun to finally go to a farmers market here! My friend Lauren from My Damn Curls has been telling about these local markets held on certain days of each month and our schedules finally allowed us to check it out. I was picturing a field stacked with stands of fresh fruits and samples but it turns out it's alittle more modern than that. We went to the Urban Harvest Sunday Farmers Market at Eastside Street, it was set up in a parking lot and there was probably 15-20 local vendors with a variety of healthy food. The first thing that popped out was the natural dog food stand that had tons of home made natural snacks and we both got popcorn for our pups(they loved it). I went straight to the bakery vendors and bought macaroons from the cutest stand. There wasn't any fruit unfortunately so we sat and ate alittle. Then we checked out the juice stand before leaving and headed to the nearest park so I could get some outfit pictures. The weather was perfect today although it was so windy I literally felt like I was being blown away. I broke out my tapestry high waisted shorts and put on a kimono to celebrate the fact that it isn't icy and cold out. I also want to say I hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day and cheers to the beginning of Spring! 
Bye babes <333


Kimono/Shorts- Urban Outfitters


  1. You and Lauren look so cute and springy. I really like her shoes and shades <3

    1. Thank you on behalf of both of us, we're taking advantage of this warmer weather! <33