Meet Cary


This morning I shadowed Cary Fagan for one of his shoots. To my surprise I arrived to see the models were familiar faces, the Anderson family consisting of Hannah and Sophia(pictured above) and Joshua whom was also working behind the camera. I see why he chose them, I mean c'mon look at how gorgeous they are! I met Cary at the Instagram Meet Up that took place a few months back and like many others we stayed in touch through Instagram. He shoots with film which I love so I asked if I could come and shadow him and he was kind enough to allow me to. I've been keeping up with his photography since meeting him and I can honestly say he's one of my favorite photographers. I would describe his work as dreamy from the beautiful models to the grain on each picture. You can see him through his art, in person he's a minimalist and very artistic and that translates to the images. Everyone can check out his work and prints (here).

Until next time, byeee <3

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