Meeting Ascot and Hart

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Hello beauties! I just got back home from Austin less than two hours ago and wanted to tell you guys about SXSW. This is my second year attending the festival and I had such a great time, everyone was so nice and fun. I met some really cool people and photographers while I explored 6th street with my friend. We were there from Wednesday-Saturday morning so we were able to go to a good amount of shows and explore my favorite city. I went to the pop shop Laura and Jen from Ascot + Hart were having(thanks to Shelby for letting me know that they were going to be in Austin and for introducing me to their blog!). I've been following their blog and Instagram for inspiration and fell in love with both of them. I wasn't sure how lame it would be to fan girl over bloggers but I had a little moment. They were both so sweet and down to earth, and such babes. I also met Amanda whom is friends with Jen. She had taken a street style picture of me Wednesday and it was crazy running into her again, small world right? For obvious reasons I fell in love with her style, she's an LA based blogger and she has her own shop! We ended up showing Amanda how to ride the bus and then headed back to 6th street to find free shows I could get into. If you guys haven't been to SXSW most free shows are 21+ so finding ones I could get into was a little tiring and for most the lines were so long we just ended up watching street performers. I enjoyed just walking around and exploring but I'm sure next year when I'm 21 it'll be so much easier and fun. Hope you all are having a great weekend and I'll talk more about my trip later! Byee <3

You can check out the Asoct + Hart blog (here) and Amanda's shop (here)


Crop Top- American Apparel
Harem Pants- Thrifted
Shoes- Urban Outfitters 


  1. Your style is incredible and your hair is just... uuuugh BIG!! I love it!!! would you ever consider doing posts/videos about your hair regimen and how you style it?

    1. Awh thank you so much! I get asked about it a lot so I may show how I style it, I'll definitely post more about it on here so you guys can see what I use because its really easy. :)